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Jan loves romantic, vintage and nostalgic objects, things which may conjure up images of the lifestyle from a by-gone era, be it a simple lifestyle, or an elegant one. 


Some of her favorite materials include old fabrics and lace, feathers and plumes, elaborate, or delicate jewelry, well-made vintage hats, well-loved toys, architectural pieces with peeling paint, fabric or paper roses, old photographs… essentially, those things which tell a story.


Each of her one-of-a-kind art creations is adorned with antique and nostalgic ornaments, ribbons and lace, jewelry and findings, toys, trinkets, or other fascinating memorabilia from generations past.  The various pieces are combined in an artistic coordination of colors, textures, and theme.


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Clothesline Garlands


Using twine, miniature clothespins, vintage baby clothes and doll clothes, Jan has created these nostalgic and whimsical garlands.  There are several throughout the store, and each is a precious representation of a by-gone era.


My friend, Gillie, gifted me her childhood collection of hand made doll clothes for these creations, probably from the late 1940s-50s. ~ Jan

Ultra-Charmed Bracelet


Bracelet is loaded with approximately 50 eye-catching objects, which include charms, buttons, beads, earrings, cufflinks, dice, shells and gemstones.



Bridal Bouquets


Made with vintage beaded jewelry: The small stuff went on last. The fabric was so beautiful, I left it showing in the cracks and under the flower petals. Tulle and ribbon are tied around the cone to add additional softness. Hope you like my latest creation. I'm hoping to start #2 soon... I’ve collected some bright metal pins from the '60s-'70s.



#2:  I had enough pastel earrings, buttons and pins to create this bouquet. Most of the pins have rhinestone centers, so there is some sparkle to it. I like all the happy colors.


Up-cycled linen bag with added flower, created using vintage fabric, laces and trims.  Vintage beaded fabric in center for sparkle.  Bag is 14”H x 15”W.  I had just returned from the Atlanta Gift Mart and was inspired by all the beautiful flowers I saw.  Many layers of lace and texture.  These are so much fun to make.  Kind of like building a sandwich.  Just stack up as many layers as you can fit under the sewing machine needle and sew in circles to hold it all together.   $54.99

A new hemp bag, 12”H x 10”W, with added flower, vintage pin and ribbon.  A cluster of vintage pearls are added to the flower center for another layer of texture.  $49.99

An up-cycled cotton floral bag, 15”H x 15”W, with added flower, created with layers of vintage fabrics and trims.  A vintage crystal pin has been added to the center for sparkle.  I added ribbons for movement.   $44.99

Up-cycled hemp purse, 11”W x 9.5”W.  There are 3 zippered pockets inside.  Added flower made with layers of vintage lace & fabric.  Crystal pin in center for sparkle.  This is my favorite flower so far.  I love the ecru colored laces, and the texture and shape turned out great.   $44.99

Headbands.  More flower creations.  I’m having fun with this new technique, layered fabric flowers.  Coming up with different things to embellish.  Ecru flower headband with added daisy lace on the band.  Added rhinestone for sparkle.  It’s all vintage.   $37.99

Headband:  Large cream layered flower made with vintage laces and trims.  Peach silk ribbon in flower for contrast.  Vintage fabric has seed pearls.  Added vintage rhinestone pin for sparkle.  All on a white band.  



Keepsake Box $64.99

All of Jan’s creations are one-of-a-kind, and though the items on this page may no longer be in stock, she is always creating something else that is magical and dazzling: wreaths and home décor items, jewelry, scarves, hats, fascinators, apparel and accessories… whatever sparks her imagination.